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Converting MVC 2 RC to MVC 2 RTM

Ok, this is more of a hack than a true conversion, but I haven’t noticed the difference… yet. Remember to back up what you’re not willing to lose! Remove your MVC project from your solution. Don’t delete, just remove. Then … Continue reading

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Arrh! Invocation Error! NHibernate

I had started to get this annoying error when I ran my web app: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Simple fix. Add back those virtual keywords onto my POCOs that somehow disappeared. public int Id … Continue reading

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FTP Publishing on Windows Server 2008 with Amazon EC2 – Rough guide

AS A NOTE – WEB DEPLOY IS MUCH BETTER THAN FTP PUBLISHING – Just letting you know This is my quick guide ( i.e. how i did it) on how to get FTP Publishing working on a Amazon Instance Website. … Continue reading

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Fiddler, Visual Studio and Localhost working together!

  I found two new tricks to make all these things work together for debugging a Visual Studio Asp.Net web project on Localhost. Here they are: Disable IPv6 – This stops the “Fiddler: No connection could be made because the … Continue reading

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Employers: Codility for testing your applicants!

This is about Codility Candidate Testing I just did a test on Codility and it’s great! In fact, this is sooo much than PreVisor ( which I had to use the other day. You can write your code in any … Continue reading

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World Countries – Simple Outlines in XML format

I needed the outlines of most countries for a simple GIS project that I’m doing. I managed to find a world simple shapes file from called This was in a shapes format used by ARC GIS and the … Continue reading

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Firefox Ubiquity Command for StackOverflow

Just made a quick and dirty Ubiquity command for StackOverflow searches. Download from GitHub:  Ubiquity StackOverflow Search  Don’t know Ubiquity? It’s like a Command Line for the web but… it’s really cool! Trust me. Watch the clip below. Sure it … Continue reading

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Is Firefox using all your CPU? It’s probably Adobe Flash

  But how do you fix it? The weird thing is that to fix it, you install another program: Adobe Shockwave Don’t know how or why, but it fixes the high CPU usage where Firefox sits at 99% or 100% … Continue reading

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Godaddy Hosting – Medium Trust vs Inversion of Control

Whatever I think of Godaddy, they haven’t caused me too much pain yet, just minor inconvenience. This time it’s my precious StructureMap. StructureMap, I like it and alot of people do, but it just won’t work under Medium Trust! So … Continue reading

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NHibernate, IoC and removing that damn Log4Net dependency

Ok, so Log4Net is not that bad. It is a very good logging system, etc… So how do you perform IoC with the NHibernate logger? Well, you can’t. Unless you are ready to HACK CODE. That’s the brilliant thing about … Continue reading

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